Iran urges defiance of sanctions as US threatens ‘consequences’

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Iran also encouraged the world’s neighbourhood to question the unilateral action taken by the United States to re-impose worldwide sanctions, while the U.S. also implied “consequences” in reaction to those contrary to its motion.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif condemned American “bullying” hours earlier than Washington ‘s personal Sunday deadline, which contravenes an earlier UN vote against the return of financial and diplomatic sanctions on Tehran.

As a law, the Americans behave as a tyrant and inflict punishment … The international community should consider how to behave against tyrant, “Zarif told Iranian state tv.”

The commander of the prestigious Revolutionary Guard Corps separately denied every possibility of a navy war with the US as a “bluff.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed to “impose implications” as this progressed, arguing that “back-in-effects” were global sanctions in response to Iran.

“If UN Member States refuse to meet their commitments to enforce these sanctions, the United States is prepared to use our domestic authority to place penalties on those violations to ensure that Iran does not enjoy the profits of the Non-forbidden operation,” Pompeo said on Saturday.

Earlier, sources have told Reuters information company that, irrespective of the status of the UN, US President Donald Trump plans to appeal a government order authorising him to enforce US sanctions on anybody who threatens an arms embargo against Iran that is ready to run out in October.

Nonetheless, the US is excluded from the conflict, with numerous major powers , particularly its European allies, arguing that the sanctions are not generally renewed and that the US mechanism is without permitted basis.

Following the US inability to lift the weapons embargo on the UN Security Council last month, Pompeo carried out an extraordinarily vigorous attack on allies France, Germany and the United Kingdom, accusing them of “siding with the ayatollahs of Iran.”

He initiated a contentious move known as a “snapback” on August 20, which seeks to reinstate all sanctions against Iran a month later.

The sanctions were lifted in 2015, after Iran officially accepted as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed on to the nuclear agreement.

Trump, however, said the historic deal was incomplete, signed by his mentor, President Barack Obama.

Trump unilaterally withdrew the US from the JCPOA in 2018 and proceeded to revive and even intensify the bilateral restrictions levied by Washington.

Nevertheless, the US maintains that it is a partner in the settlement that it has deserted, including that it can still trigger the “snapback” option.

Some members of the Security Council question Washington’s capacity to carry out such a shift, although no further steps have been taken by the Council.

On Friday, the United Kingdom, France and Germany told the United States that UN sanctions assistance to Iran would continue until 20 September.

“We have worked diligently and remain committed to upholding the nuclear deal,” the UN envoys for the three foreign locations reported in a letter to the Council, as seen by the Reuters Intelligence Firm.


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