Judge Dismisses Defamation Case Against Tesla By Former Employee

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In Nevada, a judge has thrown a defamation case by a previous ex-Tesla worker, who put the complaint that the company spread the wrong information in a form of rumor about him after he confessed that he had released internal company data to a reporter in 2018.

Tesla in court documents argued that previous employee Martin Tripp abused trade secrets and computer crimes and violations laws when he told a Business Insider reporter that Tesla was wasting a lot of crude materials during the creation of its Model 3.

Tesla prevails in defamation counterclaim by accused hacker | Autoblog
Source: Autoblog

Tesla said that it found Tripp as the reason for the leaked information, which Tripp later confessed. It accused Tripp of executing programs to hack into its production operating system and leaking the stolen classified information with people outside the company. He was terminated from working, and Tesla filed a lawsuit guaranteeing he had “unlawfully hacked the organization’s classified and trade secret information.” Tesla CEO Elon Musk messaged Tesla staff disclosing to them an employee had attempted to “damage” company operations and goals.

Judge narrows Tesla lawsuit against former employee, dismisses defamation  counterclaim
Source: Automotive News

Elon Musk, at that point supposedly emailed a reporter at The Guardian revealing to them a tipster had reached Tesla to state that Tripp might “return and shoot people here,” at the Nevada Gigafactory. The neighborhood sheriff identified the threat was not genuine, however, Tesla gave a public statement and released this all which was picked up by a lot many news sources and outlets. Tripp later counter-sued Tesla for this defamation.

In her decision, Judge Miranda Du refused and dismissed Tripp’s claims of all the defamation, however, he further refused to dismiss Tesla’s charge that Tripp disregarded computer crime law in Nevada. “Tripp had an obligation and responsibility not to disclose Tesla’s secret classified data,” Du composed, including that Tripp even after knowing that he was not authorized to leak the data to a journalist, did it. “A levelheaded trier of fact could reasonably and sincerely find that Tripp acted in conscious and with intentions of revealing, and has disgraded Tesla’s rights.”

Du said Tripp accepted he was a “whistleblower” who had found “manufacturing inefficiencies and delays to produce 5,000 Model 3 cars per week.”
The judge wrote, Tesla, on the other hand, believed that Tripp reached wrong conclusions about the power of the Gigafactory’s assembly lines. This is all which is known for now and sources say that the case might now be able to push ahead for trial.

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