Intel’s Tiger Lake Processors: Is This The Real Deal?

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Tiger Lake is the codename for Intel’s 11th generation mobile processors and is based on the new Willow Cove Core microarchitecture. Earlier this month, the company made the announcement regarding the launch of the new 11th-Gen Tiger Lake laptop CPUs. The company says that this is the future of the new thin and light laptops but, there is the AMD’s 7nm Ryzen 400 chip, competition is strong. The new processor replaces the old Ice Lake family of the mobile processors. These processors launched this year on the date September 2.

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What Can Be Said About The Tiger Lake Processor?

The Tiger Lake processors include the dual-core and quad-core 9 W (7-15W) Thermal Power Design and 15 W (12-28W) Thermal Power Design models. These processors power the new 2020 “Project Athena” laptops which the company makes. The quad-core 96 EU die 13.6 by 10.7 mm (146.1 mm2). In comparison to the quad-core 64 EU Ice Lake die, this is 19.2% wider than the 11.4 by 10.7 mm (122.5 mm2). Hence, we can say that the new processors are the future of Intel power laptops and hence, we will be seeing a new age of the company.

For now, it is for sure that the company will release the new processor along with the laptops in the month of November, this year. Hence, it is a completely agreeable fact that Intel will be having a blast year. Also, Intel confirms that the Tiger Lake H CPUs at “a later date”. We can confirm the fact that the Tiger Lake line of the computer includes nine new processors. The best part about these machines will be that the chips feature Thunderbolt 4 support, Wi-Fi 6, and Intel’s new Xe integrated graphics. They’re built on a 10nm node that is similar to the 10th-gen predecessors but with a new “SuperFin design.” This means that the machines would work faster. But, the fast processors would work on lower power consumption.

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Consequently, Intel’s biggest bet was on the new Xe integrated graphics. Intel gave a promise that it would increase the performance of its machines by 2 times. Xe graphics are one of the best there is and gave a tough competition to the 4800U. We can say that Tiger Lake will simple outperform the Ice Lake. Be it AI tasks, multitasking, or office productivity, Tiger Lake is better in all. It beats the AMD 4800U when using a single-core machine but, loses when it comes to the multi-core system. But overall, this is a brilliant step by the company.

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