Grand Army Season 1: All You Need To Know About The New Teen Drama.

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Your next teen drama obsession is here and you can get ready with your snacks to binge-watch. Netflix’s Grand Army Season 1 is about a group of 5 teenagers at the largest public school in Brooklyn. The show deals with topics such as racism, social injustice, and sexuality. In the genre of teen drama, Netflix had already captivated Gen Z’s with a show like Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, Sex Education, etc. The show is created by Katie Cappiello. We have gathered all the updates regarding the new YA drama. So keep reading for that you need to know about Grand Army Season 1.

When Can We Expect To Watch The Show?

The pandemic disrupted the shooting and filming of many mega projects and the Grand Army was no exception. The show was supposed to be released earlier. But when the coronavirus broke out everything came to halt. Now after months of shut down it seems like things are getting back on the track. Movies and shows have once again resumed filming. With this Grand Army is all set to release. The show will be released on October 16. Like many shows, it will be released simultaneously in all countries. And additionally, all the episodes will out in a single day. So can’t binge-watch the series and fall for it. Everyone is expecting something new and crisp from the show. Now let’s wait for arm watch what happens.

About The Show In A Snippet

Grand Army is the screen adaptation of a play of the same name which was released back in 2013. It was written by Katie Cappiello. And turns out that she is the one who will write the screenplay for the show. On of the other hand, the show is produced by Beau Willimon and Joshua Donen.
Grand Army Season 1
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What Is The Story Of Grand Army Season 1?

The show is about a group of five teenage students who have with myriads of issues. Apart from that they also have to go through economic, racial, and sexual issues at school. The show is set in the largest school in Brooklyn, New York. A trailer of the show was recently released by Netflix. You can watch it on Youtube and ponder what all can happen.

Grand Army Season 1: The Cast And The Stars

Following are the faces you will get to see in Netflix’s new drama:
  • Brittany Adebumola playing Tamika Jones,
  • Odessa A’zion playing Joey Del Marco,
  • Amir Bageria playing Siddhartha Pakam,
  • Odley Jean playing Dominique Pierre,
  • Maliq Johnson playing Jayson Jackson,
  • Alphonso Romero Jones playing John Ellis,
  • Apart from these, we can also expect some other actors such as:
  • Elena Khan,
  • Amalia Yoo,
  • Katie Griffin,
  • Diego Martinez-Tau,
  • Zac Kara,
  • August Blanco Rosenstein,

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