The Effectiveness of Moderna Shot to be known by November: COVID-19 vaccine Tracker

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US biotechnology company Moderna has stated that it would know about the effectiveness of its corona virus vaccine by November. Moderna’s vaccine candidate is one of the three undergoing large-scale phase-3 clinical trials; in the United States, in which 30,000 participants are being enrolled.

The CEO of the company Stephane Bancel has said that if the vaccine candidate was found to be at least 50 per cent effective, the minimum bar set by the US Food and Drug Administration for approving a vaccine, it would immediately move to apply for an emergency use authorisation. He added if everything went well the company could deliver about; 100 million doses of vaccine to the US government in the “first few months of 2021”.

The Effectiveness of Moderna Shot to be known by November: COVID-19 vaccine Tracker
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With all this, the company has also released a 135-page note on the ongoing phase-3 trails. According to the note which is dated 20th August but was made public only on Thursday; the company was expecting to know about the effectiveness of the vaccine candidate by December.

The fact you should know is that Moderna has never made a vaccine that has been approved. For the corona virus vaccine, it is using a genetic approach that; has never produced a successful vaccine for any disease. But the company is in the confidence and backing of the US government; which has pimped in more than a billion dollars to help the company accelerate the vaccine development; and pre-booked hundreds of millions of doses, whenever the vaccine would become available for public use.

It is also true that even if Moderna would know about the effectiveness of its vaccine by November; might be beaten in the rave by another US pharmaceutical company Pfizer. It has also said that it was hoping to be ready with effectiveness data by the end of October. Like Moderna, Pfizer is also carrying out phase-3 trails of its vaccine in the United States. Pfizer has also said it would apply for emergency authorization once the effectiveness data is available.

Along with AstraZeneca, the third vaccine under phase-3 trails in the United States; Moderna and Pfizer are currently being considered; the likely first ones to produce a corona virus vaccine.

Plus, Moderna’s vaccine is using messenger RNA, or mRNA, to trick the body into producing; viral proteins to fight disease, which could require two shots to provide protection from the corona virus. Bancel has also said that “If the infection rate in the country were to slow down in the next weeks; it could potentially be pushed out in a worst-case scenario in December.”

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