Killing Eve Season 4: Comer spoke about the latest updates.

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Killing Eve Season 4, It is a British spy thriller black comedy TV series on BBC America and BBC iPlayer. The show is based on Luke Jennings’s book ‘Villanelle’. Each season has a woman as the seasons’ head writer. Laura Neal is the fourth season’s head writer. The show has won a Peabody Award and the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series. Now, the fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth season to see more of the relationship between a British Intelligence officer Eve Polastri and assassin Villanelle.

Killing Eve Season 4
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Who will you see in Killing Eve Season 4?

Killing Eve Season 4 will again have the main actresses in their respective roles. The show runs on their shoulders, with the supporting cast delivering the best in the game. So, a change in the cast is next to impossible. We will see Jodie Comer as Villanelle and Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri. We’ll also see Fiona Shaw in the rile of Carolyn, Kim Bodnia as Konstantin, Gemma Walden in the role of Carolyn’s daughter Geraldine, and also Camille Cottin as Hélène. Niko is not dead yet so Owen McDonell will also come back. About his character, executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle said, “Who the devil knows if he’ll be back? He’s not dead, as far as we know.”

The bomb story of the fourth season.

The three seasons are a legacy and thus, moving on to Killing eve Season 4, we are hoping a level up. Jodie Comer spoke on her character, “Thinking about the person she is, I feel like she’s going to be the cause of her own demise in many ways. We’ll see.” So, as far as Villanelle is concerned, we will see some serious self-damaging behavior.

Also, Heathcote said in BAFTA that this season will go somewhere new and take risks. There are quite new areas where Villanelle can go venture and explore herself in. We don’t know what Konstantine and the Twelve have going on. They can give some low blows in their own unique ways as well.

Killing Eve Season 4
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When will Killing Eve Season 4 release?

Killing Eve Season 4 got its renewal in January 2020. The filming of the show covers a lot of locations in Europe. However, due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, filming is not that easy anymore. Jodie Comer told W Magazine in her interview, “We know we’ve got a season 4, but it’s unclear as to when will that be. We’ve vaguely started conversations about storylines and what kinds of possibilities there are, so that’s always really exciting.”

Filming has not begun. The script is underway and going through final assessments. The actors are pumped up to go back. The question hanging is about the timing. We hope to get Killing Eve Season 4 in 2021, considering the travel restrictions are slowly loosening up.

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