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Disney+ goes from the new series WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to the newly released She-Hulk – but it’s not ended there. Arriving on the web in November is Marvel’s 616 – a docuseries that sheds a light on the MCU’s “rich heritage of groundbreaking protagonists, writers and storytelling” – from trailblazing female superheroes to the more bizarre, frequently overlooked characters featured in the comics.

A new director will direct each documentary that looks at the behind-the-scenes processes involved in the creation of such superheroes and the fandoms surrounding them, with Neighborhood star Gillian Jacobs and Veep’s Paul Scheer joining up for two of the shows.

Release Date

Marvel 616 is scheduled to launch on Friday , November 20th, at Disney+.

What is Marvel’s 616 about?

Marvel’s 616, an anthology of films discussing the intersections of narrative, pop culture and fandom within the Marvel Universe, tends to be a connexion to Earth-616, the world in which most Marvel comics take place.

Of episode is devoted to such superheroes and issues inside the rich heritage of stories of the MCU, including interviews with the authors, producers, developers, and fans behind iconic Marvel Comics characters.

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Sarah Amos announced that each director puts his own twist on their documentary and has “their own stuff they latched on.”

“For others, during the entire thing, it’s going to be laugh-out-loud funny, and for some, you’re going to be crying in minutes,” she said. “Each is a journey of its own.”

In the season, Marvel announced the first two filmmakers at the helms of episodes-Gillian Jacobs from the Collective and Paul Scheer from Veep.

Scheer’s documentary examines the Marvel Comics’ “forgotten” characters and takes “an untraditional and humorous approach” of introducing audiences to some of the most obscure, wild and bizarre superheroes in the universe – with a sneak peek clip featuring an interview with Black Panther comic writer Reginald Hudlin.

‘Up, More, Better’ episode by Jacobs, which sheds a light on the trailblazing people of Marvel comics, not just the characters but the creatives, who have found a way to share tales of equality and inclusion in the history of Marvel.

The production process behind Marvel’s first Muslim heroine to headline her own comic book, Mrs. Marvel, is unveiled in a preview clip of Jacobs’ episode.


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