PM Narendra Modi attacked the opposition and said that the bills are ‘pro farmer’

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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PM Narendra Modi passed three bills for the farmers last week. Ever since Lok Sabha passed these, the farmers from various agricultural dominant states started opposing them. In their opinion, the new bill does not support the welfare of the farmers because it does not guarantee the Minimum Support Price. Commission agents also fear that their livelihood is in danger. Supporting them, Former Punjab State Government Shiromani Akali Dal resigned and called out the PM for its non-farmer supportive measures. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, former Minister of Food Processing Industries, also took a stance against ally party BJP. However, PM Modi spoke on the issue and called these ‘historic bills pro-farmer measures.

PM Narendra Modi calls the new Farm bill pro farmer
PM Narendra Modi says teh reforms are “pro-farmer”

PM Narendra Modi on Farm bills 2020

Narendra Modi attacked the opposition parties on Friday and said that they are misleading the farmers on the minimum support price issue. He also stressed the point that his government did what previous government’s manifestos clearly stated. PM Narendra Modi also assured that the minimum support price practice will continue. He said, “There are parties, who ruled the country for decades, who are trying to misguide farmers. They are propagating that the benefit of MSP will not be given to the farmers by the government. This is a lie. The reforms will help farmers to get rid of the middlemen who take large prices of their produce while delivering it to the customers.”

PM Modi delivered his speech virtually while addressing an inaugural program of ‘Kosi Rail Mahasetu’ in poll-bound Bihar. PM Narendra Modi stressed the importance of these reforms for the betterment of the farmers. He said that the reforms will act as “farmers’ shield.”

On the issue of MSP, he added, “Our government is committed to providing the right price to our farmers through MSP. We were committed before, we are today and we will continue to remain in the future.”

The gung-ho comes amidst BJP’s new step.

Various Ministers and state governments have strongly opposed the Farm bill 2020. Congress spokesperson even compared the BJP to the Mahabharata villains Kauravas. He said, “This is Mahabharat in which BJP is in the role of Kauravas who are anti-farmer and facing them are Pandavas in the form of farmers and farm laborers.” The states of Delhi and Punjab have also stood against the step. However, the Union government stands adamant at the fact that the step is to provide further facility of the farmers.

The protests against the new step is a spectacle of the nation, especially during the pandemic. The three bills passed by the government aim at increasing the availability of farmers’ produce. The three reforms, according to the PRS Legislative Research, aims at liberalizing trade.

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