“We Need A People’s Vaccine, Not A Profit Vaccine,” Interim Director Of Oxfam

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After months of suffering the word, ‘vaccine’ is dulcet to every ear. It is true that very soon there will be a vaccine for the novel corona virus. Multiple private pharmaceutical companies are working towards such development. And it seems like soon we will get to hear something good in 2020. But before anything could happen, businessmen are already running their minds “wild”. It seems like the vaccine even before getting proper valid is being bought. Here is what’s the situation of the corona virus vaccine and the monopoly which is into play.

Corona Virus Vaccine Becomes A Prey Of Monopoly

“Wealthy nations representing just 13 percent of the world’s population have already cornered more than half (51 percent) of the promised doses of leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates”.
The piece of information was put forth during the G20 countries meet. This meeting aimed to discuss the current status of the global pandemic. Based on the data collected by Airfinity, Oxfam has analyzed the deals of pharmaceutical companies. Most of the companies have struck a deal with rich nations around the world.
Oxfam also states that these companies do not have enough resources to produce such a giant amount of vaccine. Even in the nearly impossible even of all the 5 vaccines get passed. Still, a very huge population will not get the same by 2022. Though there are chances that some of these experiments will fail. And if that happens then even a higher percentage of people will be left out.

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This analysis also broke out a system of high injustice. According to which it protects monopolies of pharmaceutical and favors wealthy nations. At the same leaving behind her thick population of the world.

What Else Ozxfam International Stated?

Moderna, a leading in Vaccine production has received $2.48 billion in committed taxpayers’ money. The company has also sold all of its selling options to the rich nations. Oxfam and Other Organizations are demanding a ‘People’s Vaccine’. A Vaccine that will be available to everyone. And will be distributed fairly based on need.
Interim Executive Director Of Oxfam International, Chema Vera stated that,
 “Governments will prolong this crisis in all of its human tragedy and economic damage if they allow pharmaceutical companies to protect their monopolies and profits. No single corporation will ever be able to meet the world’s need for a COVID-19 vaccine. That’s why we are calling on them to share their knowledge free of patents and to get behind a quantum leap in production to keep everyone safe. We need a People’s Vaccine, not a profit vaccine.”

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