Queer Eye Season 6: What is brewing inside?

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“Queer Eye” is one of the most beautiful and deep TV shows and there is no denying in that. The Fab Five is a love for all its fans and their lifestyle change is extraordinary for every viewer. The series is widely loved by everyone and is one of the most popular ones on the giant streamer. The Fab Five are again coming back to take you again on a joyous ride. The show has improved a lot with its every season and that has made it unique in its own way.

Being a success and big hit for everyone the show is coming back with its sixth season. It made its debut in the year 2018 on Netflix and became an immediate hit. The fifth season of the show aired in June 2020. The show has been renewed for its sixth season so you don’t need to worry about it. It’s a yes. Though for now, there is no official release date for the sixth season of the show.

The production of the show was stopped due to the corona virus. The filming of the show was taking place in Austin, Texas. And, the previous seasons were shot in Atlanta, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Japan. If the situations become a bit better then we can expect the new sixth season to hit the screens in the year 2021.

Queer Eye Season 6: What about the cast?

Queer Eye Season 6

All members of the Fab Five will be returning for season six too as they are the lifeline of the show. With them, the other characters too might make a comeback. We are again going to see:

  • Karamo Brown the culture and lifestyle guru
  • Jonathan Van Ness in-charge of grooming and hair
  • Antoni Porowski the kitchen reformer
  • Tan France the in-charge of the wardrobe
  • Bobby Berk the helping hand for interior design

Queer Eye Season 6: What will be the plotline?

The show is all about vulnerability and courage. Queer eye dropped the second half of their title to encourage not just straight girls but gays, bisexuals, and homosexuals with all the recent Fab Fives.

We saw that Fab Five has been made in five different segments of the globe. When we see that the last seasons are Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, and Pennsylvania, which are occupied by five states. The Fab Five will probably be back in the southwest season. They have a non-judgemental approach that is all about giving people back their self-esteem and helping them prioritise their own well being, rather than forcing them to wear clothes just because they are fashionable.

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