Sec 144 in Mumbai causes a panic situation all around

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Sec 144 is have been implemented in the city of Mumbai restricting the movements of people. It has been extended till 30th September in view of rising corona virus cases, according to an official on Thursday. The restrictions under section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedures are in place since lockdown began.

They were extended as per the 31st August guidelines about easing of the lockdown of the Maharashtra government, and no new restrictions have been imposed, as per the official. Though, this caused a situation of panic all around the city and people were not ready for this.

The news became an instant cause of panic on social media and in no time a flood of memes was seen everywhere. Even as officials and Maharashtra minister Aaditya Thackeray told people that no new restrictions were in place, the internet responded with varieties of memes over this step to ease their pain at the extended restrictions.

Sec 144 in Mumbai causes a panic situation all around
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Some of them also raised questions on the logic of extending Sec 144; while also claiming that no new restrictions were in place. Following a heavy spike in corona virus cases in Maharashtra, state health minister Rajesh Tope said that the spurt can be attributed to the manner in which unlocking of restrictions had been implemented. The state is seeing thousands of cases every day and it is really a fearful situation around. People are still careless with everything and maybe this restriction will contribute a bit of help in calming down things.

On Wednesday, the total corona virus cases in the state rose to 11,21,221; with 23,365 in just a single day with 474 deaths. The numbers are a way too high and horrific; as this is the single-day spike and is happening on regular basis.

Aaditya Thackeray assured citizens and asked them not to panic through his tweet on Twitter. But maybe the people are a way too much afraid or careless to consider this.

Thackeray tweeted “NO need to PANIC. The order issued under section 144 CrPC is only an extension of the previous order issued on 31st August. No new restrictions have been imposed by Mumbai Police. Please share and don’t panic.”

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