Netflix Easy Season 4 updates and truth dissection!

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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Netflix Easy Season 4 may not come from the creator’s vision as he initially wanted. Easy is an American comedy drama mumblecore anthology series that premiered on Netflix on September 22, 2016. The series has 25 episodes which run for half an hour each. The show follows along with the lives of individuals in Chicago who are paving their way through love, relationship, and life, in short. It is a standalone type of series, with every episode standing on its own. Some people love the show, some don’t. However, we cannot deny that the show took on some contemporary subjects with a unique elaborative style.

Netflix Easy Season 4
Source: LA Times

Has Netflix renewed the show again?

In August 2018, Netflix renewed the show for a third season. It also announced that it will be the final season of the show. The show concluded its run on Netflix on May 10, 2019. Though the creator, writer, and the director wanted to make more of the show, due to the reducing viewership over the season, they had to decide to stop its veins.

Joe Swanberg on Netflix Easy Season 4

Joe Swanberg in his interview with IndieWire opened up and spoke about his initial vision and the ultimate plans. He said, “When I first pitched the show, my dream was to make 30 seasons. But the anthology format and Netflix’s binge-watching vibe were not a great fit.”

Netflix Easy Season 4
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Even though his plan did not reach its desired fruition, he hopes to work with Netflix on a new project. As far as Netflix Easy Season 4 is concerned, it is way down in the grave. He added that he pitched the show because he saw a new wave on Netflix of anthology series. He said, “Easy is one of those projects that’s running its course, and now Netflix is moving away from that anthology format.”

The cast of Netflix Easy Season 4

If there was a Netflix Easy Season 4, we would have expected a bigger new cast, with some old faces like in the previous seasons. So, along with new cast additions, we would have seen Jane Adams as Annabelle Jones, Michael Chernus as Kyle, Elizabeth Reaser as Andi, and Kiersey Clemons as Chase. We would also have seen the appearance of Dave Franco as Jeff and Jaz Sinclair as Amber.

Netflix Easy Season 4
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Shows like Easy always have subjective reactions. So, the popularity and the future also lies on a fine thread. The show did have an amazing run judging from the genuine fan base on Twitter and other social media platforms where people are expressing their love for the steamy scenes. However, as the creator mentioned, the format did not fit in with everyone, so the oscillation to and fro the liking and disliking is finally halted, forever!

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